Theresa Fortune

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Interview with Jeannine Hooks-Allen, CEO of Creatrix Matrix…

In this episode of Real Talk, join me in conversation with actress Theresa Fortune.  When we sat down in January of this year and she shared with we me about her childhood growing up in the Bay Area, her marriage at a young age, and how these experiences led to her forming Communion With The Community. This endeavor exists to provide a container for multidisciplinary offerings that invite dialog around many of the issues affecting families and individuals in our increasingly disconnected society.  Currently she is presenting, along with actor, Jason Jasper, a series of theatrical vignettes depicting a couple going through difficulties brought on by a breakdown in communication. Each evening, at the close, the audience is invited to discuss the scene, offer reflections, and share personal insights into the subject presented, in hopes of healing some of this disconnect. There are other projects in the works involving food, dance, and children’s activities, as well.  Tune in to our podcast to hear more about this amazing woman and the ways she has chosen to be of service to the community.

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